PCB One-stop Service includes: PCB assembly, PCB design, PCB fabrication,, Electronics reverse engineering
X-Ray for BGA Testingpcb,pcb assembly

Our Main Service

C-Alley delivers a solution to all types of Printed Circuits Boards in the high tech industry and aims to be all-around PCB assembly Manufacturer.

PCB-design-2PCB Design
High Speed PCB design (DDR3), Blind Vias PCB, Digital & Analog, Mixed RF PCB Design, Impedance Control.
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PCB-Assembly-1PCB Assembly
Reliable SMT Factory With 8 SMT Lines, 100% Function Tests, Prototype Production, Cost Effective Solution.
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Electronics Reverse EngineeringPCB Fabrication
2~32 Layers PCB Fabrication, HDI PCB, Rigid – Flexible Board, High Quality.
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PCB-FabricationElectronics Reverse Engineering
High resolution scanning– down to 1 mil tracks, Full Gerber editor, Integrated system specifically redesign.
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Printed Circuit Boards Cases

See our below cases to learn more about how our added value engineering solutions have helped get our customers products to market faster. Please contact us to learn more about how our added value services and help you. Know more»

ALL-In-One, Design-To-Production

We design flexible solutions to meet your needs, no matter what industry your product falls into. that we are highly skilled problem-solvers will help you overcome the technical or mechanical challenges you face when developing your product. We can help you meet your product specifications while working within your time constraints and keeping your material and production costs under control.

C-Alley Team, At Your PCB Assembly Service.

At C-Alley, we have 68 management and technology elite, including 9 people with master degree, 30 people with bachelor degree, 15 people with college degree, 10 people with Secondary degree, 4 people with A-level degree. Among them, 45 people won technology title of intermediate or above. 23 people were back from researching and studying in Japan. We also launch Alibaba.com and become verified PCB assembly manufacturer

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Our Committed and Passionate Team

C-Alley has 5 teams in sales department, each team have 4 sales and 1 team leader to offer good services and handle project well. “communication is key to successful working relationships”, our team member is trying to be good communicator and take personal responsibility for getting the job done. Know more»