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PCBA SMT processing lead time

Understanding the cycle of PCBA SMT processing is crucial, as both companies and individuals need to make reasonable arrangements in terms of time. PCBA processing is a complex process involving multiple processes and links, and its lead time is influenced by multiple factors. Firstly, the production lead time of PCBA SMT processing depends on the […]

PCBA Applied in Electronic Products

In today’s rapidly developing world of electronic technology, people’s demand for various intelligent devices is growing day by day. One of the core technologies behind these devices is PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly) circuit board assembly technology.As an important component of electronic products, the basic knowledge of PCBA is not only crucial for electronic engineers, […]

Three Approaches to Ensure PCBA Assembly Service Completed

Circuit boards are present in almost all electronic devices you use, and while they are common, it doesn’t mean they are simple. SMT production of circuit boards is a complex business, and to assemble them correctly, you need the right tools, the right parts, and the right expertise. Entrusting professionals to do the assembly means […]

Precautions in the Process of Prototype PCB Manufacturing

PCB (Printed circuit boards) are an important part of almost all electronic devices used in our daily lives. As such an important component, most OEMs require sophisticated PCB design and manufacturing, which is because they cannot withstand any failure when used in applications. However, we can always avoid some invisible problems and small errors, which […]

Global and China Printed Circuit Board (pcb) Market Survey 2023

China Printed circuit board basic introduction: The PCB application field of the printed circuit board is very wide, covering communication electronics, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, industrial control, medical equipment and aerospace and other electronic information industry major fields. Printed circuit boards have a variety of different classification methods according to the number of conductive graphic […]

The Key to High-Performance: Double-sided PCBs to Multi-layer PCBs

Multilayer PCBs are a kind of printed circuit board composed of alternating conductive graphic layers and insulating material laminated. The number of conductance pattern layers is more than three layers, and the electrical interconnection is realized through metallization holes. If double-sided PCBs are used as the inner layer, two single panels as the outer layer, […]

Global and Chinese printed circuit board (PCB) design software market research

In 2022, the global printed circuit board (PCB) design software market size of 100 million yuan (RMB), combined with historical trends and development environment and other factors, it is expected that by 2028, the global printed circuit board (PCB) design software market size is expected to reach 100 million yuan. The Printed Circuit Board Layout […]

SMD Packaging Technology: Exploring Different Types and Their Significance

Introduction to SMD Packaging SMD packaging technology is an abbreviation of Surface Mounted Devices packaging technology, meaning: Surface Mount devices, it is one of the Surface Mount Technology (SMT) components. In the initial stage of the production of electronic circuit boards, through-the-hole assembly is completely completed manually. When the first automated machines were introduced, they […]

Exploring the Distinctions between SMT and THT in PCB Assembly

SMD assembly (SMT assembly and THT assembly) refers to placing components with sheet structure or miniaturized components suitable for surface assembly on the surface of the printed board according to the requirements of the circuit, and assembling them by soldering processes such as reflow soldering or wave soldering, And then used in the production of […]

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