Our C-Alley Culture

Leading PCB manufacturing & circuit board assembly supplier is providing high-quality PCB prototypes and mass production, with the support from international customers, we are growing stronger and stronger with our PCBA company culture.

Most of our clients are worked with us for more than 5 years, we have a good reputation in Germany, Japan, Russian, Ukraine, and so on.
We have an exhibition in Russian each year of Aril and will attend the exhibition in Germany also this year. ( 11. November to 14. November 2016 on the Electronica in Munich, Germany).

PCBA Company Culture - Satisfying Customer

Client from Russian Mr. Sergey visiting us

PCBA Company Culture - Satisfying Customer

Canadian Clients Visiting Factory

PCBA Company Culture - Training Professions

Internal Training–Sharing

A Special Treat

Visiting C-Alley’sFactory—A Special Treat

Team Style – PCBA Company Culture

An enterprise cannot be excellent without excellent employees!
We pursue to be a “People-Oriented” company, taking the value of employees’ development and training.

Team Building

C-Alley Team Building & Activities

Happy anniversary of the entry!

Happy anniversary of the entry!

Team Training Meeting

Team Training Meeting

To be a cooperator

To be a cooperator

Overall, we uphold the following PCB assembler culture:

Innovation and Technological Leadership: We are committed to driving technological advancement and innovation, actively exploring new solutions for printed circuit board assembly. We encourage employees to propose new ideas and creative solutions to improve product quality and performance.

Quality and Continuous Improvement: We strive for excellence and prioritize product quality. We focus not only on every aspect of the production process but also on employee training and skills enhancement, ensuring that we deliver high-quality products and services.

Collaboration and Team Spirit: We encourage cooperation and collaboration among employees, believing in the power of teamwork to achieve greater accomplishments. We advocate open communication and knowledge sharing to solve problems together and achieve common goals.

Customer Focus: Our success relies on the trust and support of our customers; therefore, we always prioritize customer needs and satisfaction. We value long-term partnerships with customers and aim to meet their expectations by providing high-quality products and excellent service.

Integrity and Responsibility: We adhere to principles of integrity and ethics, conducting our business in an honest and transparent manner. We take responsibility for our employees, customers, and society, actively participating in social welfare activities, and committing to sustainable development and environmental protection.

These values and company culture are the core of our printed circuit board assembly company, serving as our code of conduct and guiding principles. By adhering to these values, we strive to provide high-quality products and services, create value for our customers, and grow together with our employees and partners.

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