PCB Manufacturing & Assembly Capability

We are equiped with strong PCB assembly capability and are able to comprehensively understand our customer PCB assembly needs and take their time-to-market, here is why our customers choose us for their PCB Manufacturing & Assembly needs:

C-Alley strong PCB assembly capability

Our PCB Assembly capability encompass several key areas:

  • Design and Layout
  • Component Sourcing
  • Surface Mount Technology (SMT)
  • Through-Hole Assembly
  • Testing and Quality Control
  • Prototyping and Mass Production
  • Compliance and Certifications
  • Documentation and Support

C-Alley’s PCBA production capability is backed by our commitment to quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Whether you require PCBA assembly for consumer electronics, industrial applications, or other sectors, we are well-equipped to meet your production needs.

PCB Assembly Capabilities:

  • 01005, 0201, 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206, 1608, 2125, 3216
  • Fine Pitch QFP to 0.2mm
  • BGA, QFP, CSP, Flip Chips, Connectors
  • BGA to 0.2mm
  • Thru-Hole
  • Wavesolder
  • High-Speed Pick & Place

Technical Parameters

Amount: Prototype and small series, 1 to 50 pieces

Larger quantities available on request.

PCB dimensions: PCBs whose edges (one side) are ≤ 20 mm will be processed and delivered in an assembly panel (PCB holder) for reasons of quality assurance. There is no additional cost for this, and prices are inclusive of ridge milling.
If you wish to order PCBs in your own assembly panel, this panel will not be cut into separate sections.
Maximum: 340 mm x 240 mm
Components: SMD and THT
from size 0402 and 01005.
Assembly method: single- and double-sided
SMD (soldered by Vapour Phase Reflow Soldering machine)
THT (soldered manually or by Selective Soldering machine)
Mixed Technology (SMT/Thru-hole)
Ball Grid Arrays (BGA): As small as .5mm pitch
All BGA placements are x-ray inspected
Other Capabilities: Pitch components as small as 15 mil
Repair/Rework services
Mechanical Assembly
Box Build/Electromechanical Assembly
Component packaging: Poles
Tape strips (required components including excess in one continuous piece)
Bulk supply (please only provide in exceptional cases and only when requiring assembly of no more than two PCBs)
Maximum component size: 55 mm x 55 mm x 15 mm
Fine Pitch from 0,4 mm
Minimum Pin width 0,2 mm
Solder: Lead free and conforming to DIN 32513, ISO, EN 29454, IPC 650
File formats: At present: Cam350, Altium Designer and Extended Gerber, please enquire about other formats
Delivery time: Delivery time: Subsequent to the complete provision of the printed circuit boards and components, we offer you the following delivery times:
Samples: 2~3 weeks.
Mass production of PCBA board: 4~6 weeks.
Tip: For technical reasons, the PCBs will be assembled on one panel. Identical PCBs that do not require assembly will therefore be delivered in the same panel.
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