Creating constraints for a PCB design

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Are your constraints constraining you? Creating constraints for a PCB design can ensure necessary rules are followed during placement, fanout and routing. Defining constraints for items like component-to-component spacing, trace-to-trace, etc. through all types of signal integrity rules is all-important to ensure the PCB is functional and can be fabricated and tested. So, can a PCB design be over-constrained? If so, what issues does it create for the designer, and subsequently, is it possible to orchestrate and apply design constraints in such a way that the design does not get bogged down?

Overly constrained designs can contribute to missing critical deadlines. Two important things to consider with constraints are constrain only what must be constrained, and have a PCB design strategy that ensures the job is completed on time. Things like optimized placement and knowing how and when to execute component fanouts are key. Take advantage of components that have pin, gate or even package swapping. Testing different routing strategies and executing interactive and autorouting such that you optimize routing channels can help ensure PCB design success.