PCBA Circuit Board Quality Control

PCBA Circuit Board Quality Control  C-Alley has strict incoming material inspection control and management system.  C-Alley never use alternatives components without customer’s permission.  C-Alley has Standard Operation Procedure before production.  C-Alley will bake PCB before SMT assembly.  C-Alley has SPI machine for inspecting solder paste quality.  C-Alley  has 6 advance AOI machine and do 100% […]

Quick Turn SMT prototyping

C-Alley is an Expert in SMT production, with a solid reputation of on-time delivery and competitive cost , we build and manufacture over 500 prototypes a year, with capability designed to deliver with quality ,speed and flexibility. The biggest advantages is in SMT equipments:  8 automatic SMT equipment lines, Hitach screen printer, Fuji NXT-ii SMT […]


There are a number of standard stackups available for flex and rigid-flex circuits, referred to as Types. These are summarized below.   Type 1 – Single Layer Single-sided flexible wiring containing one conductive layer and one or two polyimide outer cover layers. One conductive layer, either laminated between two insulating layers or uncovered on one side. […]

Rigid-Flex circuit boards Design

Flexible circuit technology was initially developed for the space program to save space and weight. They are popular today as they not only save space and weight – making them ideal for portable devices such as mobile phones and tablets – they can also: reduce packaging complexity by substantially reducing the need for interconnect wiring; […]

2017’s effect that Trump will make on electronics manufacturing?

I think it’s very interesting but important topic to discuss about the breaking year and possible changes. What could a Trump effect look like in 2017? I think there are several positives: • A president who is pro-manufacturing. We haven’t had a champion of manufacturing in the White House in a long time … decades, […]

Assembly BGA / QFN / SMT PCB Board

Manufacturer of a BGA / QFN / SMT PCB assembly board with ENIG/HASL surface finish, rework stations, reflow soldering equipment, reflow ovens, and smt pick and place machines. our engineering experience and commitment to excellence have earned us the reputation in Europe, Russia, USA, Canada, Australia. C-Alley offers professional rework, repair and prototype builds of PCBs. Our experienced […]

PCB assembly equipments

C-Alley is a leading manufacturers of PCB assembly & design,  soldering, and rework , it’s equipped with SMT Pick & Place machines , BGA rework stations, reflow ovens for prototyping to medium volumes, all services of assembly, cleaning ,inspection, dipping conformal coat, repair we would like to offer. A professional SMT equipment manufacturer providing worldwide […]

PCB Layout to design process

PCB design equipment In the early days of PCBs, the design and layout was undertaken manually using tape that was placed onto a translucent film. These PCB designs were normally four times the required size and they were photographically reduced onto a 1:1 film for the PCB production process. Nowadays the PCB design process has […]

PCB Surface Finish & Conformal Coating

HASL /Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold (ENIG) Refer to past projects, the most popular surface finish choices of customer is HASL,as its low cost and robust, fundamental changes in the PCB industry—namely, the rise complex surface mount technology—have exposed its shortcomings. HASL leaves uneven surfaces and is not suitable for fine pitch components. Although it does come […]

Solder balls and solder beading problems

Solder balls and solder beading have been a process issue for many years and they may not cause product failure or quality problems but they are not desirable. Solder balls are caused by a variety of factors in different processes and should be resolved to eliminate a poorly defined process or a process and materials […]