C-Alley PCB Assembly & Prototyping services

C-Alley’s offers PCB prototyping services utilizing dedicated automated pick and place equipment for samples making & mass production for high quanlity PCBA circuit board.
A distinguishing feature of C-Alley’s turnkey manufacturing solutions is our Transparent Pricing. Open BOM to list the cost of each components, you can check our profit point only wthin 5~10%, Transparent Pricing includes a line by line costing of the Bill of Materials, labor costs, profit margins. It’s truly open-book pricing. It allows AMI and its customers to work jointly at reducing costs which make everyone more successful in the end.
As a  PCBA manufacturer ,we ensure 99.7% workable PCBA, but 100% yeild by function testing, but how can we guarantee such high passing rate ? modern high-tech PCBAs can potentially have 20,000–30,000 solder joints, requiring sophisticated automated inspection techniques to efficiently inspect results and provide process control feedback. The solutions is to set up a series testing instructions such as programming and function test.

 In a high-mix environment C-Alley typically deploy automated optical inspection (AOI), automated x-ray inspection(AXI), and flying probe (FP). By endeavoring to minimize test element overlap, we minimize both programming and runtimes.
Our strengths
Surface Mount, Through-Hole, or Mixed Technologies
BGA placement down to 0.2mm pitch
Chip placement down to 0201,01005 packages
Machine-placed prototypes,PCB prototypes
IPC-610 Class III Workmanship with certified in-house trainer
Extensive automated production equipment
X-Ray and Automated Optical Inspection for BGA
Coating and Encapsulation Services