We are often amazed at the huge range of industries we served in which our PCBAs application are taken into account:

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C-Alley specializes in providing OEM and ODM services for PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) and PCBAs (Printed Circuit Board Assemblies). Here’s a brief explanation of what OEM and ODM mean in the context of C-Alley’s services:

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer): C-Alley offers OEM services, which means they manufacture PCBs and PCBAs based on the specifications provided by their clients. The clients typically provide the design and requirements, and C-Alley handles the manufacturing process to produce the requested PCBs and PCBAs. C-Alley acts as a contract manufacturer, producing the products under the client’s brand name or specifications.

ODM (Original Design Manufacturer): C-Alley also provides ODM services, where they take care of both the design and manufacturing of PCBs and PCBAs. In this case, clients may provide their general requirements or product concept, and C-Alley’s engineering team develops the design, including the circuit layout, component selection and overall product configuration. Once the design is finalized, C-Alley manufactures the PCBs and PCBAs accordingly.

In summary, C-Alley offers OEM services for clients who already have their own designs and specifications, as well as ODM services for clients who need assistance in both the design and manufacturing aspects of PCBs and PCBAs.

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