Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Layout

C-Alley can lay out a pcb and generate the required Gerber data for pcb production using the customer’s schematic and layout instructions.
C-Alley can design the schematic, layout and generate the necessary Gerber data through consultation with the customer .
Our comprehensive CAD fabrication data are supplied with all jobs.

Schematic (as appropriate)

• Native CAD file .sch
• BOM .xls


• Native CAD file .pcb
• Neutral file .asc
• IPC-D-356A netlist .ipc
• X-Y BOM .xls
• Assembly Drawing Top .pdf
• Assembly Drawing Bottom .pdf
• Production Drill Drawing .pdf
• PCB Layout Audit report
• Gerbers + NC Drill file
Camtech can provide support for numerous surface mount pick and place production machines and IPC-D-356A netlist extraction for bare board testing.

PCB layout

Digital Circuit


  • Atmel: AT80C51, ATMega, AVR32, ARM7, ARM9
  • Analog Devices: ADuC, BlackFin
  • Texas Instruments: MSP430, TMS320
  • Microchip: PIC 8/16/32 bit, DSPIC
  • Freescale/Motorola, STMicroelectronics, NXP

A/D Processing

  • 8 to 24 bit
  • Frequencies up to 2,5 MHz
  • Parallel processing up to 64 channels (24bit/100kHz/channel)

Digital signal processors

  • TMS320 (Texas Instruments)
  • C6000 (Motorola)


  • Xilinx (Spartan 3 i 6) + VHDL/Verilog programming

Communication Bus

  • ModBus RTU, ModBus TCP
  • Hart, Can, GSM/GPRS
  • Radio band 433 MHz, 2.4 GHz