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Electronic Component Sourcing&Supplying

Electronic Component Sourcing&Supplying C-Alley’s core business is Printed Circuit Board assembly with advanced SMT equipments & DIP workshop,

HDI PCB,PCB Fabrication

PCB Manufacturing Capabilities –advanced PCB Fabrication Equipments.

With over 10 years productin experience in PCB manufacturing , from Prototyping to finished board with components, also Box build assembly.

PCB Assembly & Fabrication

PCB Assembler with advanced equipments

C-Alley Co.,Ltd is a leading PCB Assembler ,  our company in PCBA business and factory located in Shenzhen more than 11 years, Most of  customers are worked with us more than 3 years in PCB FAB, Circuits Assembly, HDI, and PRINTED CIRCUIT DESIGN , some of them are worked with us more than 5 years, we have good […]

ENIG PCB (electroless nickel/immersion gold)

Advance in PCB surface preparation

Recently Europe and  US (except for some mil spec and medical applications) resulted in development of lead-free (SAC) solders that are tin-based, with additions of silver and copper and with traces of bismuth, indium, zinc or antimony. Initially, the higher soldering liquidus temperature led engineers to specify high glass transition composite substrates (170°-180°C Tg) but careful […]

Worldwide Electronica trade fair for EMS PCB Assembly

2016 Elecatronica Exhibition in Germany

We sincerely invite your company representatives to visit our booth at 27th Munich Electronica Trade Fair on November 8-11 ,2016 ,the World’s Leading Trade Fair for Electronics Development and Production.


Achilles’ heel On PCB Circuit Production

Advanced rigid-flex PCB boards


Here at PCB Train we have developed software tools which assist with pricing up your BOM efficiently and accurately.

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