Solder balls and solder beading problems

Solder balls and solder beading have been a process issue for many years and they may not cause product failure or quality problems but they are not desirable. Solder balls are caused by a variety of factors in different processes and should be resolved to eliminate a poorly defined process or a process and materials […]

Creating constraints for a PCB design

C-Alley provides PCB design , PCB Fabrication, PCB Assembly services , with advanced SMT line equipment, ovens, pick & place systems, X-ray and AOI systems, will improves accuracy, productivity and efficiency in a highly reliable, compact unit. Are your constraints constraining you? Creating constraints for a PCB design can ensure necessary rules are followed during placement, fanout and routing. […]

Designing and manufacturing electronic boards

If you prototype printed circuit boards , how can you ensure that laminates and prepregs you used will match those used in offshore volume production? As an industry, those of us involved in designing and manufacturing electronic products can all agree that we now live and operate in a global supply chain environment. Since a lot […]

Why SMT?

Surface-mount technology (SMT) is a method for producing electronic circuits in which the components are mounted or placed directly onto the surface of printed circuit boards (PCBs). An electronic device so made is called a surface-mount device (SMD). An SMT component is usually smaller than its through-hole counterpart because it has either smaller leads or […]

PCB production Steps

PCB Etching Process All PCB’s are made by bonding a layer of copper over the entire substrate, sometimes on both sides. Etching process has to be done to remove unnecessary copper after applying a temporary mask, leaving only the desired copper traces. Though there are many methods available for etching, the most common method used […]

Basic process to assembly PCB board with components.

As a China original PCBA manufacturer ,we do PCBA board according to Bom list & Gerber files via SMT machines & DIP assembly. Below is the basic process to assembly PCB board with components. 1.Confirm the necessary files and order details. 2.Order and receive the SMT paste stencil if necessary. 3.Program our machines from the […]

C-Alley PCB Assembly & Prototyping services

C-Alley’s offers PCB prototyping services utilizing dedicated automated pick and place equipment for samples making & mass production for high quanlity PCBA circuit board. A distinguishing feature of C-Alley’s turnkey manufacturing solutions is our Transparent Pricing. Open BOM to list the cost of each components, you can check our profit point only wthin 5~10%, Transparent […]

Why the etch pads are not big enough for vias

Now C-Alley is using the leading edge technologies such as ball-grid arrays (BGAs), chip scale packaging, flip chips, QFNs, DFNs, and others. It shines x-ray radiation through a component package like a BGA to view images including wire bonding, solder joints, and solder defects, if any. Standard x-ray inspection is used for simple applications, whereas high-end […]

De-soldering components (through-hole and SMD)

SMT parts have many advantages over their older through hole ancestors, namely: smaller size, lower cost manufacturing costs, and less likelihood of obsolescence. However, an often overlooked advantage is the ease at which surface mount components can be soldered and desoldered. At first this might seem like a controversial subject, but it isn’t to engineers […]

CAM files

PCB Manufacturing For over 10 years C-Alley has been a leading provider of gerber viewing, editing and CAM software. Now C-Alley’s main service turn PCB assembly into PCB Design with special functions. We use CAM350 to edit & view Gerber files, and make production files. The data files used directly in the manufacture of printed wiring. […]