PCB Assembly & Fabrication

PCB Assembler with advanced equipments

C-Alley Co.,Ltd is a leading PCB Assembler ,  our company in PCBA business and factory located in Shenzhen more than 11 years,

Most of  customers are worked with us more than 3 years in PCB FAB, Circuits Assembly, HDI, and PRINTED CIRCUIT DESIGN , some of them are worked with us more than 5 years, we have good reputation in Germany, Japan, Russian,Ukraine and so on.

Equipped with  9 SMT line, each line have AOI, QC, and each projects have engineer checking who will ensure 99.7% workable rate for mass production.

In 2015, China ($8.84 billion) was the dominating supplier of printed circuit assemblies to the US, making up 58% of US imports.

But the challenges are exist in engineering capability and high precision requirements of production devices.