A PCBA leader with certifications

C-Alley is a Chinese PCBA leader and one of the leading assember of high-value/requrements printed circuit boards . The core business segments are Smart home application Devices, Automotive, Industrial, Medical and Advanced Packaging. In 2016, C-Alley has extened the global presence to Austria, Europe, USA, The Middle East and Russia.  our factory bring an enviable number of quality approvals and […]

Printed circuit board sales on 2016

Taiwan is considered the top-producing country for circuit board production (including manufacturing from China). Monthly shipments of printed circuits from Taiwanese manufacturers increased for both second and third quarters. Most of this increase was from the robust sales of PCs. New products from Apple dramatically increased the sales of flexible circuits until the month of […]

Reflow oven temperature during SMT production assembly

SMT production assembly involves heating the PCB in a reflow oven. Oven temperatures are high, ranging to about 260°C. This heat spreads over the surface of the PCB. In the event thermal imbalance exists, such that during the soldering, substantial temperature differences are generated between two points on the PCB’s surface (ΔT) (more than 7°C), […]

High temperatures of Pb-free assembly

C-Alley is offering the services of global PCB assembly & manufacturing, PCB layout & design , reverse engineering. Few projects during PCB assembly may have below errors if designer do not pay attention to it. The PCB production cycle includes two main stages: fabrication of the PCB and assembly of components on the PCB. Variations in these processes are […]

It’s not ok to place components at the edge of a PCB (< 5mm)

The PCB traverses stations on the assembly line on a conveyor belt. This conveyor belt, which is located along (almost) the entire production line, is composed of two parallel tracks. These tracks comprise a small depression that enables the PCB’s stability on the conveyor belt. The projection of the depression’s area on the PCB is […]

How is it important for fiducial points.

Fiducials on the PCB are used as datum points that assist the machine head in pinpointing the precise location to place components. Correct locations and definitions of these markers during design have significant implications for assembly quality. Based on these markers, SMT machines carry out their precise actions, such as solder paste application, component placement, […]

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BGA’s ability in design & assembly

  Since the solder paste layer is much thinner, we get the same advantages as the BGA package, but even more so; thermal resistance is even smaller, and inductance is even lower. For modern power-dense point of load modules, which can carry very high currents , thermal efficiency is more important than ever before; BGA’s […]

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How can you tell different revisions of the same board?

One of the commonest requirements in project development is to see what has changed. You might want to look at the differences between two revisions of the same file, or the differences between two separate files. Over time most PCB designs need to change – a mistake is found, or a part becomes obsolete, etc. […]

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0.3mm Pitch BGA Assembly

0.3mm Pitch BGA Assembly. As recently our client sent us a quote that need 0.3mm pitch BGA based on below specification:

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Electronic Component Sourcing&Supplying

Electronic Component Sourcing&Supplying C-Alley’s core business is Printed Circuit Board assembly with advanced SMT equipments & DIP workshop,